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Laura J

Laura J will change the face of the beauty industry with a complete range of products to support healthy hair, hands and body. Laura J is simple yet bold, ambitious and fun. She wants her products to be fresh, fun, and provide serious benefits. Products that deliver superior quality at an affordable price. She doesn’t want to spend a fortune to feel special.

Total Body Care, Inc. introduces Laura J – experience the change today!

  • Shampoo and Conditioners
    Well balanced formulas that include a wide range of products to satisfy all hair types. Salon quality products that keep your hair looking natural, healthy and feeling great day after day.
  • Hair treatments
    Salon inspired products from leave-in conditioners to sprays that help build volume, control frizz or curl, and provide a healthy shine to your hair.
  • Lotions and Creams
    Helps restore your skin’s natural beauty for hands, legs, and face.
Laura J.

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